Building your brand
is like building a legend

King Eve helps people with big visions and innovative ideas to move forward by creating structure and linearity, from where we build a unique brand story that empowers you to make your legend become reality. 

 My name is Tessel

I am an expert in brand strategy, copywriting and storytelling

With King Eve, I bring together the universal logic of storytelling and mythology with my sharp insights in brand strategy and copywriting to help smart and ambitious entrepreneurs like you create a  brand story that feels great on all levels.

The art & science of building a legend:

1. Create radical clarity and structure in your ideas

2. Align your ideas with the developments that move your audience
3. Combine courage and wisdom to make choices that to get you going right away

4. Build a storyline that makes you feel amazing and translates into an authentic brand strategy

5. Use the magic of clever copywriting to captivate your audience and grow organic traffic

6. Make sure that all your mediums tell the same great story in the same great way

7. Stir up new momentum and empower you to realize your ideas - step by step

King Eve's Services


Long Story Short

Why am I not moving forward with my ideas? This is the question you need to answer before you spend your money on strategy, copywriting or any other service. 

If you're not sure what got you stuck, I would recommend starting with a single consult with King Eve. We can work towards profound new insights in a matter of hours. A super refreshing experience for a genius mind!

We will dive into your story and identify the major knots. Clarity is key. We'll figure out exactly what is needed in order to align your vision with your reality and create the momentum you need to break free from your constraints. 


All you need to do for now is to click on the button below and fill out the form. Step one is to get in touch. Let's get things moving!

Brand Strategy

Many entrepreneurs walk around with a big vision, a complex web of brilliant ideas that stretches out over multiple years. You see infinite possibilities, but even your most clever friends can't follow you all the way.

What if the problem is not in the quality of your ideas. but in the absence of a storyline? King Eve can empower you to get things moving by adding structure and logic, which opens the gates for new energy, decisiveness and determination.


We will break down your vision into separate components, sift the diamonds from the dirt and incorporate the crucial elements of time and scale. We bring it all together in a unique brand story that makes you feel amazing and naturally translates into a strategy that gets you moving towards your goals.


Does that sound like what you need? I only work with people if there's a real match and you can get return of your investments. Send me a message, so we can schedule a call to explore the perspectives. I'd love to hear about your story!


The market is a noisy place and you want to explain your story so clearly that your audience is hooked within five seconds after they arrived at your website, caught a glimpse of your product or first heard about your service. 

King Eve writes you the lyrics. We'll find exactly those words that tell your unique proposition in an engaging way. We want your audience to feel enchanted as they imagine how your genius ideas will change their lives. We want them to feel excited as they think of the amazing experience you offer them. 

Brand names, straplines, short copy. long copy, pitch decks, speech content - you name it, King Eve delivers legendary quality. On top of that, we align all your mediums to tell the same great story in the same great way, tweaked for their specific purpose. Get in touch for more details!

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